The Covee/Diamond Story

In 1986, Covee created its own brand for baseballs and softballs: Covee/Diamond.
This brand is officially registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Madrid:

All balls that start with “CD-“ (Covee/Diamond) have been designed by, and are exclusively produced for Covee Sports.  You will never see these two names separated from each other, as the brand name is Covee/Diamond.

We buy all of our Covee/Diamond balls directly from the factory and we have been working with the same one since we created the brand. The idea is simple: there are only three factories in the world that produce high-quality game balls for baseball and softball. As long as you order enough, you can put your own stamp and brand on the exact same balls that are produced for the big-name brands, but without having to pay the royalty fees for these brand names and logos.  The Covee/Diamond game balls have 100% the same specifications as the Wilson game balls.  They are 100% the same.  The only difference is that we can offer them for a price that is much lower.

Our Covee/Diamond balls have proven their quality and durability over the years:  they are used in many European countries as game ball in the highest divisions, and our CD-1010NL baseball, for example, is Official Game Ball of the World Port Tournament and is used by several teams in the Dutch National League. Our softballs also have a great reputation: they were part of a 3-year deal with the European Softball Federation and used at official European tournaments.

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